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Level 1

  • Add 1 and 2 digit numbers with mental math

  • Subtract 1 and 2  digit numbers with mental math

  • Learn carryover concepts with horizontal and vertical addition

  • Become proficient in doing mental math with additions and subtractions without using fingers or external aids

  • 300 word problems to apply the arithmetic skills learned in the level

Level 2

  • Master concept of subtraction with borrowing for 2 digit numbers

  • Vertical addition of 3 and 4 digit numbers with carryover

  • Reinforce skills of carry and borrow by using harder problems

  • Word problems introduce concepts of money, distance and time, where students apply the arithmetic concepts learnt in level 2

Level 3

  • Master harder subtractions with borrowing using 3 and 4 digit numbers using mental math

  • Word problems develop real world skills dealing with money, distance, weight and time

Level 4

  • Master concept of multiplication 

  • Teach multiplication tables up to 12 times 12

  • Vertical multiplication skills of 1-digit, 2-digit and 3-digit numbers are developed fully

  • Word problems to apply multiplication  and combination of all the arithmetic skills learnt till level 4

Level 5

  • Master concept of division 

  • Explanation of concepts such as quotient and remainder

  • Simple divisions using mental math

  • Teach long division with 2, 3 and 4 digit dividends and up to 3 digit divisors

  • Master order of operations skills using PEMDAS

  • Word problems to apply skills learnt in this level

Level 6

  • Master Fractions 

  • Learn about mixed , improper  and proper fractions

  • Grasp LCM concept 

  •  Master addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of of fractions, including mixed fractions

  • Word problems to master fractions, ratios, proportions, rate etc.

Level 7
(Advanced Fractions)

  • Master complex fractions problems using PEMDAS

  • Solve multiple operations with fractions in a single expression

  • Compare fractions

  • Word problems to help understand fractions in the real world like ratios and proportions, percentages, speed, flow rates etc. 

Level 8 
(Pre-Algebra & Decimals)

  • Master decimals and arithmetic operations with decimals

  • Understand positive and negative numbers 

  • Learn complex arithmetic operations with combinations of positive, negative numbers, fractions and decimals

  • Exponents are introduced 

  • Word problems to master concepts learnt up to this level

Level 9 
(Algebra 1)

  • Master Algebra with the evaluation of expressions with 1 and/or 2 variables

  • Simplify algebraic expressions

  • Solve linear equations in 1 variable with integer, decimal and fractional coefficients

  • Solve Fractional equations 

  • Word problems, where students have to frame equations from information in the questions

Level 10 

(Algebra 1)

  • Master solving simultaneous equations in 2 and 3 variables using the process of eliminations

  • Manipulate complex expressions to isolate variables a precursor to factoring
  • Develop skills to check if the solution is correct

  • Word problems to apply skills learnt in this level

Level 11
(Algebra 2)

  • Master solving inequalities with1 variable

  • Solve systems of inequalities

  • Learn multiplication of two algebraic expressions

  • Understand polynomials in 1 and/or 2 variables, expansion of polynomial expressions

  • Factor of polynomials with degree up to 4

Level 12
(Algebra 2)

  • Master solving quadratic equations

  • Functions and graphing of functions 

  • Solving linear equations and inequalities using graphs

  • Pythagoras theorem and triples 

  • Factor and remainder theorem 

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