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Our Story

What Sets Us Apart

We started Brainster Math to solve parents' frustrations with existing afterschool math offerings in the market.

Some of the concerns we have heard are as follows:

  • "These programs are too expensive": Math learning programs like Kumon, Mathnasium, Thinkster, etc. charge over $200 per month. We offer an affordable alternative mail the worksheets to your home every month. We are providing a world class math curriculum at a reasonable price.

  • "These programs are not customized": Before your child joins our program, we will give them a diagnostic test to assess his/her appropriate level. On an ongoing basis, we have weekly zoom classes and end of level tests to check your child's progress and tailor material to suit their academic needs.

  • "Online math apps don't keep my kids engaged": We have tried multiple online math programs for our children in the past but none of them have worked. One of the reasons for this is that we didn't want to give our children one more reason to have a device in their hands. Also, our children found it difficult to solve math problems that required more than a few steps online.

  • "My child can do math at a high level but cannot apply concepts to real life or in word problems": Each of our math levels have hundreds of word problems ranging from simple applications to the ones that can build future math Olympians.

  • "I cannot take my child to the math center every week": We mail our worksheets to your home. We also offer weekly zoom classes. We want to help you spend more time with your kids by saving you the hours that you spend driving your kids to and from physical math centers.

  • "My child is falling behind in math because of COVID and remote learning": The amount of time children are spending on math has reduced over the last 2 years. This has created large achievement gaps between children whose parents can afford  expensive tutoring and children whose parents cannot. We want to change that. 

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